Special offers

Special offers

It is good to be a regular customer because:

  • You will get a discount at least -5% from a car rental,
  • Discounts on delivery and pick-up -10%,
  • Extra accessories  -10%,
  • When renting a vehicle for at least 15 days you will get a free car wash (you can bring your rental vehicle to us for a cleaning),
  • In case of an accident we will offer you a free replacement car if possible,
  • A possibility to change your rental vehicle during your rental period (Additional 15€ for the cleaning of the vehicle),
  • Regular Customer does not have to pay deposit (Amestic OÜ will keep a right to change this condition).

How to become a Regular Customer?

You will qualify as our Regular Customer if you have completed at least one of  the following conditions:

  • You have rented our vehicles at least 3 times,
  • The rental period sum has gone over 500€,
  • You have rented a vehicle from us for at least 30 days.

To get a Regular Customer status and for a personal promotional code please write to us: info@amestic.ee